Below you will find contact information for our employees.

Götessons Industri AB
Rönnåsgatan 5B
523 38 Ulricehamn
Phone: +46 (0)321-687700
Fax: +46 (0)321-687790

National Sales

John de Boer -
John de BoerSales director+46 (0)
Johan Lekman -
Johan LekmanCountry manager
Linda Olsson -
Linda OlssonRegional manager North and
Petra Blomquist -
Petra BlomquistProject
Lave Svensson -
Caroline Unger -
Caroline UngerRepresentative
Emma Ankarloo -
Emma AnkarlooRepresentative Western
Hanna Ringström -
Hanna RingströmSales support
Linda Wengbrand -
Linda WengbrandSales support
Helen Swedberg -
Helen SwedbergSales support
Magnus Rask -
Magnus RaskSpecialized Interior Acoustic

International Sales

John de Boer -
John de BoerSales director+46 (0)
Petra Blomquist -
Petra BlomquistProject
Paule Caillat -
Paule CaillatCountry manager France+46 (0)
Stephanie Baida -
Stephanie BaidaSales support France, Benelux, Switzerland+46 (0)
Steinar Økland -
Steinar ØklandCountry manager Norway+47 906 11
Matilda Johansson -
Matilda JohanssonSales support Norway. Export+46 (0)
Nele Pacyna -
Nele PacynaHead of sales Germany+46 (0)
Eva Leitschuh -
Eva LeitschuhKey account manager Northern Germany+49 170 556 98
Gunnar Kühn -
Gunnar KühnKey Account Manager South Germany, Switzerland & Austria+49 160 210
Jelena Dadic -
Jelena DadicSales support Germany, Denmark, Austria,
Carina Johansson -
Carina JohanssonSales support Germany, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland+46 (0)
Liisa Druey -
Liisa DrueyCountry manager Finland+358 50
Magnus Rask -
Magnus RaskSpecialized Interior Acoustic
Emelie Stenbäcken -
Emelie StenbäckenMaternity
David Engberg -
David EngbergSale support Finland/3D


Johan Götesson -
Johan GötessonAmbassador/business
Jessica Carlstein -
Jessica CarlsteinMarketing
Marcus Willund -
Marcus WillundArt
Marie Axelsson -
Marie AxelssonMarketing
Nastasja Thor -
Nastasja ThorGraphic


Emil Johansson -
Jörgen Johansson -
Jörgen JohanssonFinancial
Marie Berthilsson -
Marie BerthilssonFinance
Elin Ottosson -
Elin OttossonFinance
Helen Levinson -
Helen LevinsonAccountant+46 (0)
Mikael Nilsson -
Mikael NilssonTSO/
Jennie Flysjö -
Jennie FlysjöHR/Sales


Tomas Svensson -
Tomas SvenssonR&D/Purchasing
Mika Haglund -
Mika HaglundSupply Chain
Johan Götesson -
Johan GötessonAmbassador/business
Stellan Bygård -
Stellan BygårdQuality and environment
Jonathan Andersson -
Jonathan AnderssonPurchaser/
Tolle Bygård -
Tolle BygårdPurchaser/
Malin Hållander -
Malin Hå
Lars Gäfvert -
Lars Gä
Emma Wigestål -
Emma Wigestå
Erika Carlsson -
Per Karlsson -
Per KarlssonWarehouse
Lena Hållander -
Lena Hå
Evelina Skoglund -
Evelina SkoglundMaternity

Management Team

Tomas Svensson (R&D/Purchasing manager), Emil Johansson (MD), Stellan Bygård (Quality and environment manager), Johan Götesson (CD), Jörgen Johansson (Financial manager), John de Boer (Sales Director), Mika Haglund (Supply Chain Manager)


Götessons Industri AB Rönnåsgatan 5B 523 38 Ulricehamn Sweden Phone: +46 (0)321-687700 Fax: +46 (0)321-687790 Email: