Hang Over ceiling panel Sound absorbing

Article number 678020-

Cloud-shaped ceiling and wall panels available in two sizes. The clouds are filled with A-rated sound absorption material and foam laminated fabric for a good sound absorption. Screwed to the wall or ceiling. Can also be hung from the ceiling with a wire. Suspension hooks for ceiling not included. Small: W. 598 H. 105 Large: W. 810 H. 130

Hang Over ceiling absorbant

Sound absorbing ceiling absorbant. Mounting: wire hanging. Dressed on both sides with: e.g. Lido 200 (132 toned). Zip all the way round in colour: e.g. red

Total thickness: 50 mm. Measurements: (choose below).


Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269

N10 810x690 = 17

For updated information: https://www.gotessons.com/en/wall-and-ceiling-acoustics/hang-over


Standard measurements:

Hang Over Small: W. 598 H. 105 and Hang Over Large W. 810 H. 130

For customized measurements, Götessons.

Hang Over small 678020- W:598 H:105