Sound Off wall, sound absorbing

Article number 125384-

A very good sound absorber for hanging against the wall consisting of soundabsorbing and 100% recycled material. Thickness 50 mm. Available in different types and sizes. Sound Off can only be ordered with Hush. Sound Off is available with print.

Sound Off Wall

Sound absorbing wall absorbent made from EcoSUND. Mounting: Velour and Velcro.

Total thickness: 50 mm. Measurements: (choose below). Dressed in Hush or raw material. Edge in raw: black, white, grey or bronze brown.


Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

Absorption factor alfa 0,95

N10 value circlel 1400 = 7 and Fire class: tested according to B-s1, d0

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Sound Off EcoSUND wall circle

Ø 800 || Ø1100 || Ø1400


Sound Off EcoSUND wall square

600x600 || 800x800 || 1000x1000


Sound Off EcoSUND wall rectangle

600x800 || 600x1000 || 600x1200 || 1000x1200

For customized measurements, contact Götessons.

Sound Off EcoSUND® wall circular 125384- raw H:50 Ø:800