Woodstock EcoSund

Article number 121212-1

Bring nature inside, literally. The circles are made with the environmentally friendly and sound absorbing material EcoSUND and are then printed with different images of trees’ age rings. Combine the twelve circles in the order you find most harmonious and enjoy how good looking good acoustics can be. Perfect for settings like offices, conferences and hotels. Why not buy several packets and fill an entire wall?

Each packet includes 12 circles:
4 x Ø250x50
4 x Ø300x40
4 x Ø350x20

To create a dynamic pattern, each size group is printed with a different image.

Wallmount with velcro included.

Woodstock Wall Absorbent

Sound absorbing wall absorbent with printed log motif, made from EcoSUND. The circles edges in raw: black, white, gray or bronze brown.

Total thickness: 20/40/50 mm. Mounting: Velour and velcro

Packet includes the following 12 pcs in measurements:

4 pcs Ø250x50 mm || 4 pcs Ø300x40 mm || 4 pcs Ø350x20 mm


Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269

Absorption factor alfa 0,95 and Fire class: tested according to B-s1, d0

For updated information, see: https://www.gotessons.com/en/wall-and-ceiling-acoustics/woodstock-ecosund

Woodstock EcoSUND® 121212-1 white