Sound Off Ceiling Sound absorbing

Article number 125300-

A very good and economical sound absorbing ceiling panel. Can be ordered with or without the LED light. Available in various styles and sizes. Made of 100% recycable material. Thickness 50 mm. Sound Off is also available laminated with Hush fabric and as a wall absorber. Contact Gotessons for more information. Sound Off is available with print. Contact us for more information.

Sound Off Ceiling

Sound absorbing ceiling absorbent made of EcoSUND. Mounting: wire hanging.

Total thickness: 50 mm. Measurements: (choose below). Dressed in Hush or raw material, svart, vit, grå.


Certificate (valid 2019-06-03):

Absorption factor alfa 0,95

N10 value circle 1400 = 7 and Fire class: tested according to B-s1, d0

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Standard measurements:

Sound Off EcoSUND circle without lamps

Ø 800 || Ø1100 || Ø1400


Sound Off EcoSUND square without lamps

600x600  || 800x800 || 1000x1000


Sound Off EcoSUND rectangle without lamps

600x800 || 600x1000 || 600x1200 || 1000x1200

For customized measurements, contact Götessons.

Sound Off EcoSUND circular without lamps 125300- raw H:50 Ø:800