BIM Objects is the world’s largest digital content management system for BIM-objects and plays an important role in architechts’ every day work. A BIM-object can be described as a digital copy of a produced product and can be used in drawing environments in the design process. 

A selection of our products, such as The Hut Collection, The Rising, Peak Design Booth, The Lightning, Office Ballz, Office Nap, ZAP Monitor arm, Nivå, Honey and a mix of plants are now available as BIM-objects. Our presence means that architechts and engineers all over the world have access to Gotessons’ products in the early phases of designing new products. 

Click on a image below to download.

Half A Hut Sofa

Half A Hut With Front Screens

Half A Hut

half A Hut With Door

The Hut With Door

The Hut

The Hut With Front Screens

The Hut Sofa

Peak Design

The Rising

Office Nap

Office Ballz



ZAP Monitor Arm

ZAP Twin


Areca Palm

Oil Drum

Plant Pot

The Lightning