ScreenIT A30 above desk

Article number 857080-

Screen mounted on the desk. Can be installed with clamp or with pins above or through the desk. Can also be placed on the desk.

ScreenIT A30 Desk Screen Above Desk

Sound absorbing desk screen with a wooden frame filled with 30 mm A-classed sound absorbing material dressed in 5 mm foam laminated textile on each side. Total thickness: 40 mm

Measurements: (choose below). Height above desk: 450 mm. Rounded corners, radius 35 mm. Loading up to 6 kg. Mounts available in silver, white and black. Ordered separately.

Dressed on both sides with: e.g. Lido 200 (132 toned). Seam or zip round the whole screen in colour: e.g. red.


Certificate  (valid 2019-06-03):

ISO 354 Absorption and SS 25269

N10 value 1800x800x40 = 7

Swan labeled with textiles (valid 2019-06-03): Event Screen +, Mica, Xpress, Cara, Rivet, Twist, Bond, Synergy, Remix 2

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Standard measurements:

H: 450 with W: 760 || 800 || 1200 || 1400 || 1600 || 1800 || 2000

For customized measurements, contact Götessons.