Desk lamp Tulip led

Article number 821005

Very affordable, efficient and foldable desk lamp with LED lighting. Touch controls for dimming and colour temperature adjustment. 0.7 A USB port for charging mobile phone etc. Has an unearthed plug with network adapter. 

Wattage (whole lamp): 8W LED
Voltage: AC 100-240V DC 12V
Lumens: ≥300LM
Color Temp: 4000-6500K
LUX: 1500/900/200 mm
Reflector (non dazzling)
Beam angle: 120°
LED life expectancy: 50 000 h

No flickering of the LED bulb invisible to the naked eye at a PstLM value ≤0.5.


Tulip LED 821005 white/black W:166 H:430 L:375 Ø:160