Office Ballz, ergonomical sit furniture

Article number 640055-

A fun and great seating furniture for the office that strengthens muscle groups in your back and legs and keep them active while you work. The ball is easily moved around with it's smart leather handle. 



Office Ballz is available as a BIM object.
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Office Ballz

Measurements small: W. 550 H. 550 D. 550 ø550. Measurements big: W. 650 H. 650 D. 650 650. Metal plate on the bottom for stability and leather handle. 

Pilates ball dressed with foam laminated textile: e.g. Lido 200 (132 toned). Zip in colour: e.g. red. Seam like edge of zip. 

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Office Ballz 640055- W:550 H:550 L:550 Ø:550