Osa 110400-

Half a Hut - a perfect small sound absorbing house that can be used for several purposes: as an individual workstation, a small meeting room or as relax areas combined with the The Hut Sofa. The house’s simple and straight lines are inspired by the classic game Monopoly and its game pieces that gives a timeless shape to the popular and practical activity based office. Half a Hut is as the name suggests - half as big as the popular house The Hut. Designed by Workspace and realized and manufactured by Götessons. Contact us for details of Half a Hut and other Hut Collection extras. Out. meas: W.1880 H.2270 D.900 In. meas: W.1790 H.2220 D.860

 Half a Hut

 Äänenvaimennus sekä sisä- että ulkopuolella. Yhdistetään toisiinsa napsautusjärjestelmällä. Päällys molemmilla puolilla: esim. Lido 200 (132-sävytetty).

 Kokonaispaksuus: 40 mm. Ulkomitat: L 1880 K 2270 S 900. Sisämitat: L 1800 K 2220 S 860.

 Sertifikaatti (voimassa 3.6.2019):

 SS-EN 1023 (vakaustesti), ISO 354 (absorptio) ja SS 25269.

 N10-arvo = 1

 Päivitetyt tiedot: https://www.gotessons.com/fi/tuotteet/huone-huoneessa/half-a-hut-sound-absorbing
Half a Hut 110400- L:1880 K:2270 S:900